Groot Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 3 x 6 inches
There is NO black background.

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Groot is a very popular fictional comic book character from Marvel Comics. It is one of the most intelligent humanoid characters that has a tree-like shape. High intellect and superhuman abilities are some things that make Groot special. Groot has superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and it can manipulate its body to be elastic or to make a shield to protect itself. It is a very unique character that goes through all kinds of adventures in the universe, which is why kids love it.

Now you can have the popular Groot character on your car and impress your children and others. This Baby on Board Sticker is made of quality polyvinyl chloride material that can be easily applied on glass or you can use it as a bumper sticker. It looks amazing, and it can easily hold up against all kinds of outside conditions such as wind, rain, or heat. Toddlers love it and you will love it too. Affordable and durable, this is just the right Baby on Board Sticker to have for your vehicle.

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