Little Incredible on Board Sticker


Size: 4.75″ tall
There is NO black background.

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The Little Incredible On-Board vinyl has an outdoor lifetime of years and is UV and waterproof. This fun Incredibles movie inspired sticker is electronically printed and then it’s die cut around the graphic. This adorable Little Incredible baby on board sticker primarily severs as a safety caution for drivers around you. It’s pretty quick to add and remove it. Sticker adhesive traces can be cleaned quickly. Even though it fits better on windows, it can be applied to any flat surface. Simple to use, it sticks to all forms of flat screens, car windows, lockers, binders, metal, wood.

This sticker with the Little Incredible on board design is 4.75 inches long. It arrives as a simple type with no background behind this creative baby on board sticker design alternative.

How to apply this Little Incredible baby on board sticker on your car window?
β€’ Clean the windshield properly before applying. And ensure it is 100 percent dry on the surface.
β€’ Remove the back cover of the sticker and put it gently on the glass.
β€’ Press the design tightly down using a sponge or a fabric (dry), beginning at the middle and moving carefully outward from the center, guaranteeing that continuous pressure is exerted in the entire process.
β€’ Slowly take the clear off.
β€’ If the clear keeps lifting the original sticker, get a pair of scissors or a blade to separate it.
β€’ Don’t press one side unless you see bubbles staying between the surface and sticker.

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