Thor Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 4.6″ x 8″

There is NO black background.

(36 customer reviews)

The Mighty Thor has evolved into one of the more lovable heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From serious, fantastical, but bland superhero to noble, powerful, and funny goofball, thereโ€™s no denying he gives the MCU much of the lightheartedness it needs. For women, thereโ€™s also no denying Chris Hemsworthโ€™s charm and cuteness, much like the cute Thor image on the sticker itself. So, for Marvel fans, especially Thor fans, the Thor Baby on Board Sticker is just for you.

The Thor Baby on Board Sticker is large and distinct enough to be seen by fellow motorists to protect you and your little passenger, like the character is supposed to do. Travel in style with The Thor Baby on Board Sticker available from the Baby on Board Store. Other hero designs available.

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