Wonder Woman on Board Sticker


Size: 5.25″ inches by 4″ inches
There is NO black background.

(37 customer reviews)

Be a superhero of your daily commute with your baby superhero girl. Decorate your vehicle this Wonder Woman Baby On Board car sticker that will not only caution drivers around you but it will also empower those drivers to take on the day with might. If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, then this is the perfect sticker for you. Show your support for the legendary superhero with this vinyl decal that shows her proudly standing, ready to take on any challenge. Make your car stand out while adding some fun flare to your commute with the Wonder Woman on Board sticker.

There is no better gift for those Wonder Women fans that are also ready to deliver a superhero girl than what we have here. This Wonder Woman on Board adorable sticker is the perfect personal touch for any car, truck, or van, but can also be applied to many other surfaces as well. It’s not just about being a woman, it’s about being the right woman. Show off your confidence and how awesome you are with this Wonder Woman on Board decal!

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