Baby Yoda Mandalorian on Board Sticker


Size: 6″ inch

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Protect the child, you must! With this cute Baby Yoda Mandalorian on Board Sticker, you can alert drivers around you to the little one you have tucked into their car seat in a way that not only encourages safer driving around you but also shows off your Star Wars nerdy side. This unique Star Wars Yoda Mandalorian sticker is a take on a typical “baby on board” sign and features the famously adorable Baby Yoda instead of the usual graphic, putting a geeky spin on usual car decals and decor.

The premium sticker is thick and strong due to the fact that it is fashioned out of high quality Oracal 651 vinyl, a material that is known for its strength and ability to withstand the elements without taking on damage. The Baby Yoda Mandalorian is easy to apply to any smooth surface without trapping air bubbles between the sticker and the car. With the included transfer tape, you can put the sticker on and then drive away in no time with your Star Wars Yoda Baby on Board decal!

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