Luigi Baby on Board Sticker

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Size: 7″ inches

There is NO black background.

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Whether you’re an Italian plumber or just a fan of Mario, this Luigi Car Decal is the perfect addition to your car. Luigi is the underrated hero of the Mario series. We think it’s time for Luigi to get some recognition, and what better way than with this durable and waterproof Luigi Baby On Board car sticker that will stick to any vehicle? Perfect for your car window, car bumper, baby’s stroller, or just about anywhere with wheels will make it that much more humorous from the Mario Kart nostalgia! Show your love with this top selling Luigi Baby On Board Car Decal. It’s easy to apply and will keep your little one safe on the road. Have drivers lose sight of your bush wackin’ baby Luigi again with this visually appealing Baby on Board sticker!

Color Preference

Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

Alternate Preference

Refund Me, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

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