Baby Saiyan on Board Sticker


Size: 7″

There is NO black background.

(35 customer reviews)

If you’re a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball Z, then you’ll love our DBZ Baby Saiyan on Board car sticker? Our Dragon Ball Z stickers will make your boring car look like the Z fighter from Universe 13! Pass by all those cars with boring designs on their bumpers and show the world you have a true Dragon Ball Z fighter on board with you. This is a sticker of the most popular and iconic character in the Dragon Ball Z series: The Saiyan. So if you have a have friend or family member that is about to have a baby and they are into DBZ then this is for sure to get them happy. Gift them at their next baby shower, gender reveal, or even at the time of delivery. This Baby Saiyan On Board sticker is not only for the car, but it can be made for the laptop, fridges, windows, or anything else. The graphics are printed with eco-friendly ink on a premium vinyl sticker. Be a proud parent of a future Saiyan and put this decal on your car to alert drivers in a fun way that you have a Baby On Board!

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