Baby Nemo on Board Sticker


Size: 5.25″x5.25″

There is NO black background.

(35 customer reviews)

Want to show you’re a true Disney Finding Nemo fan? This Finding Nemo Baby On Board car sticker will do the trick. With a burst of orange color the and popular character, Nemo, this sticker will sets your car apart from anyone else. That will not only great laughs and smiles, but it will also bring attention to drivers around you that you have a Baby Nemo on Board. You can even get it for your phone or laptop! The glossy, durable vinyl guarantees it won’t fade, peel, or crack.

You don’t need to be a kid to love the Finding Nemo Fish Sticker Decal. It’s a great way to show your love for this classic movie for everyone. Give your car a fun fishy makeover with this cute sticker decal!

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