Marilyn Monroe Baby On Board Sticker


Size: Approximately 4″ wide by 6″ tall

There is NO black background.

(32 customer reviews)

Get your girl power on and make sure everyone knows it with this sticker. Proudly display your favorite blond bombshell with the “Baby On Board” text that is for sure to yield the driver’s attention that you have precious cargo on board. This Marilyn Monroe Baby On Board is the perfect addition to any die=hard fan of this iconic celebrity that is a soon-to-be parent themselves. The sticker serves two purposes: alerting drivers near you and inspiring people to dream big and do everything they can to make those dreams come true, just like Marilyn did. This durable vinyl sticker can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It will look great on any smooth surface, so you can place it wherever you please. Whether you are a die-hard Marilyn Monroe fan or just need a little inspiration in your life as a parent, the Marilyn Monroe Baby On Board sticker is perfect for you.

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