Hangover Carlos Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 6″ long


When you are driving on the road with a baby in your car, you will come across the need to let other drivers aware of it. This is where the Hangover Carlos Baby on Board Sticker can help you. This is not only a vinyl sticker that comes along with a professional design, but it’s Carlos from the Hangover movie! You can clearly communicate the message of your baby being on board with the funny twist of Baby Carlos on Board.

After getting the baby on board sticker, you can go ahead and apply it on the car on your own. You just need to remove the bottom layer and apply it against your glass. If you want to remove the Hangover Baby Carlos on Board sticker, you can easily do it as well. You can remove the glue mark with water. It is not just designed to be applied on glass, but you can apply this on any other smooth surface. This Hangover baby on board sticker has a waterproof design. Hence, you will be able to use it for many years. You will not have to replace this sticker anytime soon. This is the one of the best and amusing baby on board stickers available in the market as of now and you can purchase it without keeping a doubt in mind.

24 reviews for Hangover Carlos Baby on Board Sticker

  1. Dorothy Reilly

    You get what you pay for. Its just what I expected for the price.

  2. Renee Emery

    Great product. Great price.

  3. Rohit Campbell

    This site has become my best friend. Love these products!!

  4. Keavy Watson

    Sooooo funny. My granddaughter is a big fan of Baby On Board Stickers. for unknown reasons to me and my generation. However, whatever makes her laugh out loud is good enough for me. She gets such a kick out of these stickers

  5. Kashif Pitts

    I couldn’t be happier with this.! It makes me along with others laugh every time I pull it out (that’s what she said) πŸ˜‚

  6. Neelam Mccallum

    Kids love it

  7. Keavy Watson

    The material is cheap but should be fine since it\’s mostly for humor.

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