Baby Wizard on Board Sticker


Size: 6″ inches
There is NO black background

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There is no shortage of Harry Potter fans out there and the chosen young magicianโ€™s franchise remains recognizable even to non-fans. If youโ€™re a Harry Potter fan, and if you have an infant or toddler that travels with you in your vehicle, then you could surely use the Baby Wizard on Board Sticker decal. This awesome take on the Baby on Board warning sign is just one of many that are available in their store. As a child-raising Harry Potter fan, youโ€™d probably get no less.

Even though having little kids can be a magical experience all to themselves without the franchise to back it up, the Baby Wizard on Board Sticker decal itself is quite simple and attractive enough to put on. It can be both attention-grabbing and simple enough not to spoil your vehicleโ€™s looks. It represents the franchise so well with a simple lightning bold over a pair of round spectacles and recognizable font.

With proper care and safety, no doubt your kids would grow up to be wizards in their chosen careers. In the meantime, if youโ€™re a Harry Potter fan, pick up a pair of Baby Wizard on Board Sticker decals.

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