Winnie Pooh Baby On Board Sticker


Size: 5″ x 6″

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Winnie the Pooh and all his Hundred Acre friends are pretty darn excited to tell the world that a special someone is on board this vehicle with this Winnie the Pooh Baby on Board Sticker! This Winnie the Pooh decal is a great way to add some character to your ride while protecting your little baby boy or baby girl on board. This classic cartoon character sticker is perfect for any car window, bumper sticker, or anywhere of your choosing. It is well made and easy to stick onto surfaces. The Winnie the Pooh Baby On Board decal is not only durable but also high-quality. Keep your little one protected with this Winnie The Pooh Baby On Board Car Decal. It’s adorable, it’s safe, and it makes a great gift for parents or grandparents alike. Available in many different colors, this decal is perfect for any size family. Protect that little honey of yours today!

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