Ariel Baby On Board Sticker


Size: 4.5″ x 8″

There is NO black background.

(49 customer reviews)

Inspired by the Disney’s iconic film, this Ariel Baby On Board Sticker Decal is to keep your baby safe and sound from reckless drivers, but in a joyful manner! This Little Mermaid Ariel designed baby sticker is made for the newest member of your family. Ariel Baby On Board Decal is a prominent sticker that can be placed anywhere, including your car window or car bumper to let others know that they have to be careful driving around you.

Not only are these decals great for the car, but it can be placed in a newborn baby’s room, a Disney fan’s nursery, or a little girl’s room to show their excitement about becoming a parent to beautiful mermaid. Have friends and family that are Little Mermaid fans and about to deliver their own little Ariel, this Baby On Board sticker is for sure to be that crowd pleaser. Make sure everyone knows this little mermaid is to be treated with all the love and caution. Join us in the magic of the undersea kingdom with this cute and decal!

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