Olaf Baby On Board Sticker


Size: 7.46″ x 4.5″

There is NO black background.

(38 customer reviews)

Do you secretly (or not so secretly) love Frozen? Does your child? If so, then this Olaf baby on board sticker is going to absolutely make your day. This is a great option for the “baby on board” message that you are looking to communicate to those around you, including emergency personnel. With the perfect depiction of the beloved Olaf character from the popular film, this is a great decal to put wherever you choose due to its kid-friendly approach, but also attention to making sure that it will get the message across without any kind of misunderstanding or distracting elements that make it a pain to deal with on either end.

For a unique way to show off your pride in your child, this sticker is the perfect addition to your car or truck of choice that is parent and baby-approved.

38 reviews for Olaf Baby On Board Sticker

  1. Irene Edwards

    Definitely recommend.

  2. Amy Manning

    Very easy to apply

  3. Irene Edwards

    I couldn’t be happier with this.! It makes me along with others laugh every time I pull it out (that’s what she said) 😂

  4. Kendall Day

    Kids love it

  5. Jayne Ingram

    It’s simply amazing…

  6. Zuzanna Findlay

    This site has become my best friend. Love these products!!

  7. Ellis Castro

    My son loved it.

  8. Aleyna Gonzales

    Awesome product when you want to put humor in the occasion, whether it’s a milestone birthday, or to lighten the burden of life’s heavy problems! Plus it’s high quality,

  9. Keegan O’Ryan

    Great product. Great price.

  10. Radhika Reeve

    This is a great hot! It’s good quality, it’s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  11. Olaf Cote

    Awesome gift. No complaints.

  12. Diesel Thorne

    Really, really cute!!

  13. Olaf Cote

    Daughter loves it seems to hold up well

  14. Heather Thomas

    Both of my kids ordered one and love them.

  15. Allan Howard

    Kids love it

  16. Jemima Woodley

    Sticker looks great on the car

  17. Antoine Larsen

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy Baby On Board stickers party!

  18. Joseph Ferrell

    hubby bought this for fantasy league loser to wear during this year\’s draft.

  19. Zuzanna Findlay

    This was a gift for my oldest daughter. She love it

  20. Antoine Larsen

    It is a nice size!

  21. Radhika Reeve

    I love it, it\’s just expensive for a Baby On Board sticker

  22. Isobel Beard

    My son loved it

  23. Ellie-Louise Whitehead

    so much fun, quality product, size appropriate, funny

  24. Lowri Burns

    Everyone loved it. Buying one for the entire family,

  25. Zidan Tierney

    The real thing is better than photo!

  26. Adrianna Benton

    I have 2 daughters, 8yo and 5yo and they both LOVE these on the car

  27. Stefano Campos

    At my wedding party, guests were fighting for it. A lot of fun.

  28. Olaf Cote

    Bought this for my bf as poop Baby On Board stickers items have become our thing lol.

  29. Meg Jarvis

    My son loves everything Baby On Board stickers! So this was perfect for him, it\’s not super girly even and toned down enough to still be boyish.

  30. Edna Maxwell

    Daughter loves it seems to hold up well

  31. Kendall Day

    Product was as expected.

  32. Ikra Finney

    You done good

  33. Wilfred Mcgill

    Was a gag birthday present, very well received and a hit!

  34. Ajwa Enriquez

    Really, really cute!!

  35. Tre Cassidy

    so much fun, quality product, size appropriate, funny

  36. Bayley Irwin

    Early delivery and a perfect gift!

  37. Ianis Cotton

    Was a gag birthday present, very well received and a hit!

  38. Nabeel Ferguson

    So cute! So me! So fun!

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