Minnie Baby On Board Sticker


Size: 6″ inches

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(37 customer reviews)

The Minnie Baby on Board decal is a great decorative stickers with a lovely design. This Minnie on Board sticker is made from quality print that will be used for quite some time without noticeable wear and tear. We recommend you choose a vinyl decal sticker due to its reliability and versatility and this cute loving Minnie Baby on Board sticker is perfect!

So, if you want to personalize your car, laptop, or window, we recommend the Disney Minnie Baby on Board vinyl decal sticker. It is an excellent choice for parents since it comes with a nice message, Minnie โ€œBaby on Board,โ€ designed with a playful Disney font. Also, the Minnie Mouse drawing is attractive, being available in several colors.

37 reviews for Minnie Baby On Board Sticker

  1. John Washington

    There is no line to use as a guide to get them straight and they are pealing off I recommend getting some with suction cups instead

  2. Jayne Cato

    Bought this for my bf as poop Baby On Board stickers items have become our thing lol.

  3. Rachel Bailey

    It was same shape size and color as advertised.

  4. Ellie-Louise Whitehead

    The material is cheap but should be fine since it\’s mostly for humor.

  5. Sheldon Owen

    Fun for all! Exactly what I expected.

  6. Alys Humphries

    My daughter loves it and would buy it again

  7. Tommy Becker

    Looks just like the picture. Great white elephant gift.

  8. Annabella O’Moore

    We love the sticker and bought more as to give as gifts

  9. Adrianna Benton

    Awesome product when you want to put humor in the occasion, whether itโ€™s a milestone birthday, or to lighten the burden of lifeโ€™s heavy problems! Plus itโ€™s high quality,

  10. Reilly Rivers

    Makes everyone smile!

  11. Tevin Hart

    Very well made. Buying another ! Received 2nd one… again, very well made Lots of fun!

  12. Ehsan Cole

    I bought this as a gift for a GI doctor and she loved it.

  13. Kimora Knox

    So cute, a lot better quality then I was expecting.

  14. Adrianna Benton

    You done good

  15. Emeli Shelton

    so much fun, quality product, size appropriate, funny

  16. Calvin Donnelly

    Daughter loves it seems to hold up well

  17. Elspeth Coles

    Awesome gift. No complaints.

  18. Aleyna Gonzales

    It was exactly as described. Color was just as bright. Worked wonderfully for the gift I made.

  19. Emanuel Barry

    My son loved it

  20. Sheldon Owen

    Just as described

  21. Rome Bolton

    Product was as expected.

  22. Charlton Hubbard

    Very well made, I love it and I hope my love will too.

  23. Jem Wilde

    my son loved them

  24. Miya Welch

    Funny. Bought it for the second time for a Christmas grab bag.

  25. Lowri Burns

    Great product. Fast delivery. True to description.

  26. Emrys Mohamed

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  27. Emeli Shelton

    Product was as expected.

  28. Tevin Hart

    I bought this for my sister who loves Baby On Board stickers. We had a blast trying it on and laughing.

  29. Ayah Mendez

    This was a gift. My friend loves the Poop merchandise.

  30. Amba Owens

    I bought this for my sister who loves Baby On Board stickers. We had a blast trying it on and laughing.

  31. Emrys Mohamed

    Other employees are jealous and want their own

  32. Kimora Knox

    Very well made, extremely adorable and totally worth the money.

  33. Charlton Hubbard

    Some kid wouldnโ€™t give it back…so yea itโ€™s good I guess.

  34. Haaris Meza

    Makes everyone smile!

  35. Kajetan Goulding

    very cute and good quality I wore for my daughters Baby On Board stickers themed party

  36. Dorothy Reilly

    Bought as a gift, recipient loved it!!

  37. Summer Boyce

    Really, really cute!!

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