Footprint Bebê a Bordo Sticker


Size: 6″ in
There is NO black background.

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Make a bold statement with Bebê a Bordo Footprint Spanish Stickers for your car! These eye-catching decals feature an adorable footprint design, adding a touch of charm and personality to your vehicle. Not only do they look great, but they also convey an important message in Spanish – “Bebê a Bordo” meaning “Baby on Board.” Let other drivers know that you’re carrying precious cargo and encourage them to drive with extra caution. Easy to apply and weather-resistant, these stickers are the perfect addition to any car. Get yours today and ensure the safety of your little one while on the road!

Color Preference

Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

Alternate Preference

Refund Me, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

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