Little Nightmare Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 6 inches

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Let’s be real. Kids are a handful, some are not, but some are, they cry for unknown reasons even after doing standard procedures. They’re a delight but sometimes they can be a nightmare. But we don’t say it out loud nor do we say it in conversation except to close friends and family. But we can make fun out of the issue with the Little Nightmare Baby on Board Sticker and let others see our silent cry for help.

And the Little Nightmare Baby on Board Sticker doesn’t apply to just our little bundles of… joy. This applies to darling toddlers as well. They also cry, whine, do tantrums, shriek, make a mess of the place, yet the inquisitive, active, curious little…darlings can’t be blamed. And they have to be protected too. Let other motorists know that you have a volatile little package on board, so they’ll keep their distance and watch out for their own safety.

This adorable Little Nightmare Baby on Board Sticker decal will surely look cool on your vehicle. While it might not be considered politically correct, but a lot of what we consider humorous are. And really, why not express our distress with a little humor and be safe with the little nightmares at the same time.

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