Pregnant on Board Sticker


Size: 4″ inches Tall x 4″ inches Wide

There is NO black background.

(18 customer reviews)

If you are expecting a baby and want to show you are traveling with him or her in your belly, then the Pregnant on Board sticker with mother pregnant sticker. This is rewarding because if you are months away from delivering in particular, you get to protect your expecting a baby on board while also showing one of the coolest and most impressive stickers that you can find out there.

Plus, the color is great and the sticker is large enough for the Pregnant on Board sticker decal to be seen by other people behind you. This is one of the best purchases that you can make if you always travel with your baby in the car and want to prevent possible challenges and issues that can arise. It’s definitely going to be an incredible purchase to get a Pregnant on Board sticker decal that you should totally order as fast as possible to protect your baby in style.

18 reviews for Pregnant on Board Sticker

  1. Betty Gray

    Other employees are jealous and want their own

  2. Brenda Diaz

    Kids love it when riding on the car

  3. Jimmy Flores

    Very easy to install, great color, and design. Sticks to the window very well and no peeling.

  4. Keavy Watson

    Great product. Great price.

  5. Kourtney Tait

    My son asked for this as a gift. This would not have been my pick for a gift but he LOVES his new Baby On Board stickers product.

  6. Yahya Simpson

    Great quality especially for the price & it\’s super funny!!@

  7. Vernon Torres

    I bought this for my sister who loves Baby On Board stickers. We had a blast trying it on and laughing.

  8. Bridget Hardy

    Bought for coworker for Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

  9. Clifford Cousins

    Sticker looks great on the car

  10. Lowri Burns

    It is a nice size!

  11. Fabien Murillo

    Worked out great and it’s very high-quality.

  12. Elspeth Coles

    They were so cute . A great gift for someone who likes Baby On Board stickers

  13. Elspeth Coles

    Awesome product when you want to put humor in the occasion, whether it’s a milestone birthday, or to lighten the burden of life’s heavy problems! Plus it’s high quality,

  14. Luther Duke

    Great to have for my baby in the car! Good size and quality.

  15. Zoha Doyle

    Looks just like the picture. Great white elephant gift.

  16. Mylah Benitez

    So cute, a lot better quality then I was expecting.

  17. Ida Cleveland

    Great product, great customer service”

  18. Tania Draper

    Very well made, extremely adorable and totally worth the money.

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