Little Mister on Board Sticker


Size: 6″x 6″

There is NO black background.

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(18 customer reviews)

If you have a baby and want to show you are traveling with him in your car, then the Little Mister Baby on Board Sticker is the right purchase for you. This is rewarding because if you have a mustache yourself in particular, you get to protect your baby on board while also showing one of the coolest and most impressive stickers that you can find out there.

Plus, the color is great and the sticker is large enough for the Little Mister Baby on Board designed sticker decal to be seen by other people behind you. This is one of the best purchases that you can make if you always travel with your baby in the car and want to prevent possible challenges and issues that can arise. It’s definitely going to be an incredible purchase to get a Little Mister on Board decal that you should totally order as fast as possible to protect your baby in style.

18 reviews for Little Mister on Board Sticker

  1. Penny Lawson

    Within just two weeks it started peeling off from sides, but couldve been from the horrible weather

  2. Rachel Bailey

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  3. Isaac Chavez

    Great quality and great for laughs!

  4. Amba Owens

    Worth the money! My daughter loved it for Baby On Board stickers themed party.

  5. Maksim Graves

    Worth the money! My daughter loved it for Baby On Board stickers themed party.

  6. Annika Hyde

    Both of my kids ordered one and love them.

  7. Emeli Shelton

    My son loved it

  8. Ariella Davey

    If you\’re in the market for Baby On Board stickers products, look no further

  9. Kimora Knox

    Sooooo funny. My granddaughter is a big fan of Baby On Board Stickers. for unknown reasons to me and my generation. However, whatever makes her laugh out loud is good enough for me. She gets such a kick out of these stickers

  10. Pranav Shaffer

    Really, really cute!!

  11. Bridget Hardy

    Wife loves this

  12. Lacey-Mai Clegg

    exactly what my kid wanted

  13. Rome Bolton

    Bought as a gift, recipient loved it!!

  14. Joseph Ferrell

    This is a great hot! It’s good quality, it’s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  15. Ellie-Louise Whitehead

    Great item for the price! totally recommend!!

  16. Kiran Sanders

    At my wedding party, guests were fighting for it. A lot of fun.

  17. Arla Shelton

    Was a gag birthday present, very well received and a hit!

  18. Renee Emery

    I bought this as a gift for a GI doctor and she loved it.

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