Baby On Board With Bottle Sticker


Size: 6″

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When you have a car, and a baby, and the baby travels with you in the car, it’s very important for you to let other motorists know that you have a baby on board. One way to do that is to have a sign on your car that says that you’re travelling with a baby. Signs can come in the form of cool decals such as this Baby on Board Bottle Version decal. Because decals are a cool way of getting some attention and this decal version is just one of a multitude of baby on board decals available.

So why would this Baby on Board Bottle Version decal work for you? It’s a square decal measuring a noticeable 6×6 inches. Not too big and not too small either. The bottle emphasizes that your little passenger is an infant so fellow motorists will either watch out for you, or give you some leeway, offer you some patience in case you’re too slow for them. This decal is available in many colors. It provides a clean image with no background or backing, made of sturdy vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface. And it’s very affordable. Get yours now and protect your child.

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