Grand Babies on Board Sticker


Approximate size 7.5″x5″

There is NO black background.

(29 customer reviews)

It’s the time of year when you’ll see a lot of proud parents driving around with their new baby proudly displayed on their car. If you’re one of those proud grandmas and grandpas looking to show off your new grandbaby, we have just the thing for you. Our Grand Babies Car Decal is designed to be attached to the back window or bumper of your vehicle and will surely be a hit with any parent and grandparent. Show how proud you are of your grandkids and make everyone smile. These high quality, vinyl, and waterproof decals will make your car the envy of the neighborhood. They’re great for new and growing families, and also make a thoughtful gift for a birthday to show off your love and excitement. These Grand Babies On Board Car Decal is the perfect way to show how much you love your grandkids

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