Badass Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 6 inches

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Sometimes we want to warn other drivers about the traveling of a very young baby in an automobile. This Badass Baby on Board window sticker can do this job perfectly. This baby on board explicitly showcases that their is one cool baby in the car. This Badass baby sticker is made of UV resistant professional vinyl and its precision-cut that transfers the design onto another surface. There is no backing and you can stick it to any clean and flat surface.

Before attaching the Badass Baby on Board sticker to your car, clean the area with water or alcohol. Try not to use glass for cleaning as it obstructs the on board sticker to stick perfectly. To attach these Badass baby on board stickers, you may need a card to remove the air bubbles. There is white paper on this sticker as an outer cover, you should detach it carefully. This window sticker may not stick completely, so try to rub firmly after attaching the sticker. In this way, you can use this window sticker on your car to caution other drivers, but make sure not to apply it on wet surfaces.

Enjoy this great sticker by highlighting how badass your baby really is!

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