Back Off Baby On Board Sticker


Size: 6″ inches

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Keeping the baby safe in the car is the number one priority of every driver. Hence, families with infants and toddlers should have a โ€œbaby on boardโ€ sticker or decal behind the vehicle as well as other places thatโ€™s visible to fellow motorists. Other motorists however tend to ignore the standard yellow diamond especially the obnoxious ones, so you need to let them know you mean business. Enter the Back off Baby on Board Sticker Vinyl Decal.

Let them know that you and your baby are badass and that they shouldnโ€™t mess with your vehicle with the Back off Baby on Board Sticker. One look, and other motorists will either keep distance or give you a sign of approval. Itโ€™s would be perfect for your car windows, your laptop or even your suitcase. Made in the USA, very affordable. Get it now.

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