Baby Up In This Bitch Car Sticker


Size: 6″ x 6″

There is NO black background.

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Baby on Board car decals are important, more so than the trendy stick figure decals appearing on vehicles nowadays. Baby on Board car decals are supposed to notify other motorists to be careful around your vehicle because, you have a baby on board. But not all drivers take notice of this very important signage as it has become so ubiquitous that its primary message has somewhat diluted. Many drivers no longer mind its importance. It’s read, but not understood. But what if your Baby on Board decal had some personality? Change the wording a little. This may be a bit crass but it will surely get the message across. Behold, the BABY UP IN THIS BITCH decal.

Tell your fellow motorists that you have a small child on board with this funny take on the Baby on Board message. This BABY UP IN THIS BITCH decal delivers the message in a tough but funny way that’s sure to make motorists chuckle and keep their distance. It’s badass enough that they may want one for themselves in case they also ferry their own kids every once in a while.

BABY UP IN THIS BITCH decal is made from high quality Oracal 651 vinyl with a minimum outdoor life of 6+ years The decal has no background though. The background is whatever color surface it’s stuck on. It’s very affordable and very easy to install. Get one now.

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