Little Princess with Baby Feet on Board Sticker


Size: 5.8″tall x 5.8″wide

There is NO black background.

(37 customer reviews)

Ahh, the joys of having a baby daughter. Especially if sheโ€™s the first. Having a baby daughter is often awesome. Theyโ€™re so cute and lovable that youโ€™d consider them your little princess. So, what better way to show it to the world than to travel in your car with the Little Princess with Baby Feet on Board Sticker sticker decal.

The Little Princess with Baby Feet on Board Sticker is just one of the many cool decals here on Baby On Board Store. For the safety of your little princess, buy two decals now so you can have all family cars covered and your little princess protected; thanks to its attention-grabbing design which is loads better than ordinary Baby on Board decals which most drivers are already desensitized.

This perfectly sized 5โ€x5โ€ sized sticker is quite affordable and worth the money especially if you purchase a pair. Theyโ€™re made in the USA and its pink color would go perfectly with light-colored vehicles. It may stand out for dark-colored vehicles, but youโ€™d do anything for your little princess wouldnโ€™t you?

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