Baby Rottweiler on Board Sticker


size: 6 inches

There is NO black background.

(51 customer reviews)

Want to let the world know you have a Rottweiler on Board? With this Baby Rottweiler on Board decal, it has never been easier to ensure you and your dog’s safety letting drivers near you know you got yourself a little baby with you. Stick this Baby Rottweiler on Board car decal on the rear window, bumper, and anywhere of your choosing. Not only does it alert drivers, but it also keeps passerby individuals in parking lots and similar places to be careful themselves. Even more importantly we all know that not only is the back of your car the most visible part of your vehicle, but it’s also the most vulnerable. Thieves are always looking for easy targets – like your windowless back door. Well, here’s a heads-up for them: Your new Baby Rottweiler on Board Decal will be sending a clear message to crooks that the contents of their heist just got a whole lot more complicated. Go ahead and stick it anywhere, and no-one will be coming close to your home without knowing the consequences.

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