Twins Footprint Baby on Board Sticker


Size: 8″w

There is NO Black background.

(37 customer reviews)

We’ve all seen it before, the “Baby on Board” stickers in the rear window of an SUV. The only problem with these stickers is that they’re outdated and poorly designed and don’t mention Twins! That’s why there’s this high-quality, cute design that any parents will find adorable and cute with the Twins Footprint Baby On Board sticker.

Let everyone know how important the two newest newborns in your life is by proudly displaying this Twins footprint based sticker. You can place it on your car or on mostly any other surface that you find suitable to show these cute footprints. The Twins Footprint Baby On Board Decal is a sticker that helps you and your precious cargo stay safe and visible to other drivers on the road. It’s a fun and stylish way to say, “I’m a parent with two precious ones on board.” Get yourself a Twins Footprint sticker today!

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