Baby Girl Twins On Board Heart Sticker


Size – Width: 7.5″

There is NO Black background

(36 customer reviews)

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend about to deliver twin baby girls? A little present that says it all in a simple yet everlasting way? Look no further with this one-of-a-kind sticker that says “Baby Girl Twins On Board” with little baby girls pointing to a heart. Even if it’s for yourself this Baby Girls Twins On Board sticker is perfect for a car window, a bedroom window, or anywhere you want to show off your pride! Let the world know your expecting or just delivered two beautiful girls with this great sticker. Designed to withstand outdoor exposure, this Twin Baby Girls with the Heart sticker will stay stuck for years to come, even in the harshest conditions. It will serve as the perfect warning that this vehicle is used by two baby girls on board, please drive carefully!

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