Futurama Bender Baby on Board Sticker


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If youโ€™re a fan of the Simpsons and Futurama, and you have an infant or toddler you may need to travel with in your vehicle, then the Bender Baby on Board Sticker decal is perfect for you. Bender the obnoxious robot from Futurama is probably the most recognizable character of the show, more so than main character Fry.

Though Benderโ€™s character and image might be annoying, the Baby Bender design on this decal is just so cute and adorable. As adorable as the little passenger/s you carry and maybe sometimes just as annoying. But at least theyโ€™ll be protected while you drive as this Bender Baby on Board Sticker decal is sure to grab the attention of many, especially fellow Futurama fans. Theyโ€™ll be wary of your vehicle or face Benderโ€™s meltdowns.

The rectangular Bender Baby on Board Sticker decal is a good-sized 6.5โ€ by 9โ€ and made with quality vinyl and will last up to 5 years of outdoor use, just enough for your little Benders to grow up. There are other colors available so it will look great on whatever color your vehicle.

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