Baby On Board Pacifier Sticker


Size: 6″ x 6″

There is NO black background.

(30 customer reviews)

There are a lot of things that you need to keep your baby safe, andΒ an essential toolΒ to have in your grasp is a sticker showing the world that you have a baby in your car or truck.Β  Remember that by putting a pacifier graphic Baby on Board sticker on like this, you’ll be able to guarantee that your baby is safer in terms of the other drivers on the road as well as in the case of an accident, the EMTs will be able to get to your baby first and make him or her the priority, as it should be.

This bright, warm yellow attracts the eye so that you know that people around you will see the sticker as soon as they see your car.Β  It is also gender neutral, making it an awesome gift for someone who is waiting to know the gender until the birth.Β  The text is bold and the pacifier image on the top of it helps convey the message even if they don’t read the text below.

This Baby on Board sticker decal with the pacifier graphic is reusable, making it a great choice for moving it from car to car as needed and is excellent for making sure that your child is noticed no matter where you are going to go.

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