Princess on Board Sticker


Size: 5.5 in

There is NO black background.

(38 customer reviews)

When your baby was strapped into their car seat, you made sure to alert the traffic around you to their presence to encourage them to drive more safely. Now your little one is all grown up in her booster seat, but you still want to be sure she is as safe as possible. With the Princess on Board Sticker, you can do so in a cute way that will make her feel like royalty. This sticker features a pink heart with a crown on the left side, positioned like it would be on any royal’s head. Within the confines of the heart, the words “Princess on Board” are printed in the same color. It is carefully made out of premium vinyl, which is able to withstand the effects of any rain, snow, sun or other elements without fading or peeling off. Applying it is simple and requires that you simply peel off the clear tape on the back and paste it right on. Removing it leaves behind no residue or other damage.

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